Spring boobs

Six years ago I developed an enterprise project with Spring framework.

We believed that Spring is a bloody enterprise.

We wanted to get rid of this boilerplate.

We were young and courage, we wanted changes.

And it began!

At year 2010 I got to Codeborne company where we got a freedom to use whatever tools we wanted.

I wanted a lot of very different tools.

Meanwhile I developed projects with:

And what now?

Disappointed with

I started to look for something stable.

Something that I could rely on.

Something that simply works.

And then…

I decided to try Spring framework once again.

I decided to give it a chance.

And I found that

Does anybody still remember what we didn’t love Spring six years ago?


Maybe I am just getting old, but now I am ready to say that Spring is the best framework in the world. Better than anything that was created after it.

Andrei Solntsev