Mockito can mock static methods!

Hot news!

Mockito just released version 3.4.0 which can now mock static methods.

Before 3.4.0, Mockito could not mock static methods. It could only mock non-static methods. Though, PowerMock could. But PowerMock did it slowly: it replaced a classloader for every test, and executed the whole test within this classloader.

And the new Mockito 3.4.0 way should be more effective because it has narrower scope: it mock the static method only within one small lambda. Graceful.

Let’s try it!

Step 1: dependency

In your build.gradle replace mockito-core:3.3.3 by mockito-inline:3.4.0:


Step 2: what are we going to mock

Let’s assume we have a class with static method (that we want to mock in test):

class Buddy {
  static String name() {
    return "John";

Step 3: Mock the static method

We can use new method Mockito.mockStatic() for this:

void lookMomICanMockStaticMethods() {

  try (MockedStatic<Buddy> theMock = Mockito.mockStatic(Buddy.class)) {


That’s it.
Mockito replaces the static method only with the try/catch block. Fast and simple (I haven’t checked how fast is it actually, sorry. :) )

You can see more example in Mockito own tests.

Great job, Rafael Winterhalter!

NB! Don’t forget static methods are evil. Try to avoid them if possible.

Andrei Solntsev